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The shop,, belongs to Vasco Electronics Ltd. which creates software solutions to help people communicate at a touch of a button.

Vasco Electronics is an innovative company that creates its own products as well as introduces products of other innovative manufacturers into European Union markets.

We are also the biggest company in the world specializing in the distribution of electronic translators and dictionaries.

We have been designing and selling user-friendly products for more than 10 years. Before launching devices on the market, we thoroughly test them to make sure they meet the highest standards and expectations.


Our offer includes all of the electronic translators and dictionaries available on the market. We are the major importer of Vasco Electronics, Ectaco, Wizcom, Franklin, Comet and Trano. We offer cutting-edge electronic voice translators as well as professional electronic dictionaries of such renowned publishers as Oxford University Press and HarperCollins.

Presence in the world

Vasco Electronics operates in Europe, the United States and Canada. Currently, we are planning further expansion into Asian and South America markets.

Customer Service

Selling online isn’t an excuse to let standards slip. Quite the opposite. We work harder to make sure online customers are listened to. We make sure that when customers shop online they feel they have a real person on-hand if needed. Thanks to our offices in most countries of the European Union Vasco Electronics makes sure the standards of expertise are carried through onto the website. In every country we have a call centre in our clients’ mother language. Our members of staff will always advise their clients the best product to suit their individual requirements before purchase. We will also strive to deal with any other matters regarding support services after their goods have been received.

Our mission

With our user friendly products we want to make sure that studying, working and communicating with other people in a foreign language is more efficient, pleasant and interesting.