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Croatian pronunciation for Vasco Translator


Product description

This product replaces the standard, slow version of the Croatian pronunciation in all the Vasco translators.

The product is virtual and can be purchased together with the device.

ATTENTION! You can't buy the pronunciation after purchasing the device, it has to be purchased together with the device.

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Accessories for translators will help you use their possibilities even better

A rich offer of accessories for electronic translators will appeal to the most demanding users. Our customers especially like the language cards, handheld scanners and keyboards.

Learning exotic languages with language cards

The knowledge of a little popular or even exotic foreign language is a highly-appreciated skill. Urdu, Vietnamese or Afrikaans belong to this group for sure. If you plan to learn one of them, check our language cards offer HERE .

Mobile translation agency

Read the local press or foreign books, scan and translate, create content and insert it into your electronic translator with the use of a comfortable keyboard with LED backlight. Thanks to accessories available for Vasco devices, you can create your own, mobile translation agency. See how Vasco Translator with Scanner and Keyboard presents itself to the public.