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Ectaco Partner LUX 3 Multilingual

Language Learning Assistant
  • Full sentence translation
  • Language learning
  • Pronunciation

Ectaco Partner LUX 3 Multilingual

Language Learning Assistant

  • Full sentence translation
  • Language learning
  • Pronunciation
  • Number of languages: 31
PRICE £389

Product description

Ectaco Partner LUX 3 is a brand new electronic translator made by Ectaco. It is one of the most advanced translators on the market, and at the same time has a simple interface and elegant design. It is equipped with a touchscreen and a traditional keyboard.

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How to pick the perfect electronic translator

With so many translation devices to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision. Here's a shortcut: Which of the following statements could best describe your individual situation?

I am looking for a device that translates specific languages

On the left hand side of this page tick the languages you are looking for. The list of devices on the right side of the page will immediately adapt and show only translators which feature these languages. Certain portable translators such as Trano T-22 can be expanded anytime with add-on language cards. Vasco devices such as Vasco Translator translate more than 30 languages from the start – allowing you to communicate with 90% of the people in the world.

I’m learning a language and I need a device offering perfect pronunciation

The majority of our handheld translators are equipped with the function of pronunciation. Thanks to the TTS system (Text-to-Speech) you’ll master the pronunciation of the most difficult words and phrases. In the filter, tick the “pronunciation” button to see all the portable translators possessing this function.

I travel a lot so I need GPS navigation and an international SIM card

If your expectations are precise and you know what functions your handheld translator needs to have, check out the Vasco series. At the moment, we have a few products that combine an electronic translator with a GPS navigation, a phone with free incoming calls abroad or guidebooks. Vasco Traveler devices are dedicated to all kinds of travellers.

Choose a translator perfect for your needs and enjoy your travel!

I need an alternative for a paperback dictionary

A heavy, paperback dictionary can be replaced with a light, electronic dictionary. A device perfect for schools, colleges and universities. A portable dictionary is equipped with renowned databases of Oxford and Collins. What’s more they can pronounce any text out loud! You can quickly and easily check the pronunciation of the word you’re looking up.
Check the “Dictionaries” page in our shop to learn more.

If you’re still wondering which device you should choose, just contact our professional adviser.