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Ectaco Partner 900 Refurbished

Electronic Translator & Powerful Language Learning Device

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Ectaco Partner 900 is a product of the highest quality. It is designed for people who appreciate the best quality and a high degree of proficiency. This device proves itself ideal for tourism, business or diplomatic trips abroad. In addition to a voice recognition function (Audio Phrasebook application) there are several useful features, such as the translation of whole sentences, flashcards, tutorials, and more. Ectaco Partner 900 has many learning support applications. The device is user-friendly, has a touchscreen and conveniently located large buttons.

Full Sentence Translation

The full sentence translation function has an easy-to-use menu with the possibility of editing the typed text (cut, copy and paste) and checking definitions of selected words. The device is able to pronounce each sentence or word.

Please note that this function is only available in the following language versions:

English-Arabic, English-Chinese, English-French, English-German, English-Italian, English-Japanese, English-Korean, English-Polish, English-Portuguese, English-Russian, English-Spanish, German-Russian.


The translator has pronunciation for all supported languages (native speaker and Text-to-Speech).

Phrasebook (with speech recognition)

The phrasebook contains 15 categories with the most useful phrases divided into categories such as restaurants, hotel, airport, etc. There are over 14,000 phrases.

Bilingual dictionary

The device is equipped with a bilingual dictionaries. You can quickly look up any words, phrases and idioms and translate them into a foreign language. Moreover, the dictionary has the pronunciation of most of words and grammar rules.

Pictorial dictionary

The pictorial dictionary has over 20 categories (such as: environment, travel, clothing, health and others) divided into sub-categories each containing several illustrated words, totaling over 4,000 words. This feature of illustration is also used in the main menu, which, during loading of a selected application displays a random image, further facilitating language learning.

Language learning

The Language Teacher application helps you learn a language quickly and easily. Tutorials are prepared in such a way so as to begin with simple letters and words, and next moving on to phrases, sentences and dialogue. The device uses voice recognition so you can practice pronunciation - it is enough to simply say a word or a sentence. If you manage to say it correctly then you can move on, if not, then the device tells you that you need more practice.

Ectaco Partner 900 has also the U-Learn application, an advanced tutorial feature, that allows language learning by voice commands. This feature is excellent when learning while, for example, driving.

The Ectaco translator is equipped with SAT 200 and SAT 5000 applications containing definitions of words, synonyms and examples of usage. It also has a dictionary of irregular verbs and idioms. Additionally, the device offers language games, which also support language learning.

Additional functions

  • E-book reader
  • MP3 player
  • Video player
  • Dictaphone
  • Calculator
  • Unit converter
  • Clothing and shoe size tables
  • Time converter
  • Universal translator for more that 180 languages!

Our opinion

The main advantage of Ectaco Partner 900 is its number and quality of dictionaries and additional learning applications (e.g. high performance popular Flashcards). The high resolution colour touchscreen works very well. Ectaco electronic translator proves itself an excellent handy dictionary and language learning device.


  • high quality
  • very good dictionaries
  • high resolution colour touchscreen
  • functionality

The kit includes

  • Ectaco Partner 900 electronic translator
  • Earphones
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • User manual in English

Technical details

  • Large (3.5”) colour LCD touchscreen
  • SD card slot
  • USB port
  • Earphone jack
  • Battery: lithium-polymer (included)
  • Size: 128 x 88 x 17 mm
  • Weight: 220 g

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