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Trano T-11 Refurbished

Full Sentence Translator
Language Pairs

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A cutting-edge full sentence translation algorithm (CITE) combined with a dictionary data base containing hundreds of thousands of words give effects that have not been seen before in any portable device! The device offers also inflection, conjugation, declension and other grammar rules. Moreover, the Trano T-11 contains a phrasebook with the most popular expressions in both languages.

The Trano T-11 is intended for students, travelers or businessmen. Your knowledge of the language is not important.

How does it work?

You only insert any sentence, phrase or word, press Enter, and get a comprehensible translation in any of the available languages. The Trano T-11 needs neither the Internet nor a PC. It may be used anywhere, anytime.


The Trano T-11 provides perfect pronunciation of individual words or sentences (recorded by a native speaker).

Translation of full sentences:

CITE - Text Translation Technology with built-in dictionaries will translate any sentence. Additionally, the device suggests ready phrases from a pool of several thousands of sentences. You can use them without the need of inserting the rest of the sentence.

Accuracy of translation is 80% up to 100%.

Learning languages:

The Trano T-11 is a brilliant device to learn. It contains a lot of tools that facilitate acquiring knowledge.

Learning English:

  • English phonetics
  • Classics of English literature (to read and listen)
  • English lessons divided by subjects
  • Concise Encyclopedia
  • Preparation for tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT)
  • English irregular verbs
  • English verb conjugation
  • English noun and adjective inflection
  • English synonyms and antonyms
  • Introduction to English grammar
  • Introduction to English Tenses


The Trano T-11 contains professional dictionaries with broad definitions, collocations, idioms and popular expressions:

Monolingual dictionaries:

  • New Oxford American Dictionary
  • English Medical Dictionary
  • Internet Slang Dictionary
  • English Book of Drugs
  • Drug Book for Cancer


  • User’s dictionary (you can add your own words)
  • You can extend the list of available dictionaries by purchasing add-on cards with other languages

Additional functions

  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Unit converter
  • Time converter
  • Voice recorder
  • Language games
  • E-Book reader
  • Formulas: mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • History of looked-up words
  • Teach-yourself applications
  • Zoom/Enlarge function

Technical details

  • LCD 4.5”
  • Power source: 2 AAA batteries
  • Size: 140 x 89 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 213 g
Language Pairs


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