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Trano T-22 Electronic Dictionary

Customisable and expandable, big choice of languages
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Expandable Electronic Dictionary with biggest choice of Languages

Trano T22 is a lightweight yet solid pocket electronic dictionary of the latest generation. Its advanced full sentence translation algorithm (CITE) combined with a dictionary database containing hundreds of thousands of words allow for fast and accurate translation results that are hard to find in any other portable translation device working offline. 

Languages: Forever Customisable! 

Thanks to add-on language cards, you can easily add new languages any time and the choice of languages available is unparalleled. In our "language cards" shop section you will always find more than 50 different add-on languages availabe for your Trano T22, as for example:

Afrikaans Estonian Japanese Norwegian Spanish
Arabic Filipino Khmer Pashtun Swahili
Bengalese Finnish Korean Persian Swedish
Bulgarian French Kyrgyz Polish Tajik
Burmese Greek Laotian Portuguese Tamil
Cantonese Hebrew Latin Romanian Thai
Croatian Hindi Latvian Russian Turkish
Czech Hungarian Lithuanian Serbian Ukrainian
Danish Indonesian Mandarin Slovak Urdu
Dutch Italian Malay Slovenian Vietnamese

Works offline - anywhere, anytime

All you have to do is to type any sentence, phrase or word, press Enter, and you get a comprehensible translation in any of the available languages. Trano T-22 needs neither the Internet nor a PC. It may be used anywhere, anytime.

Good Pronunciation

Trano T-22 provides perfect pronunciation of individual words or sentences (recorded by a native speaker).

Translates not only words but full sentences

CITE - Text Translation Technology with built-in dictionaries will translate any sentence. Additionally, the device suggests ready phrases from a pool of several thousand sentences. You can use them without the need of inserting the rest of the sentence.

Accuracy of translation is 80% to 100%.

Language learning is easy with Trano T-22

Trano T-22 is a brilliant device for learning English. It contains a lot of tools that facilitate acquiring knowledge.

  • English phonetics
  • Classics of English literature (to read and listen)
  • English lessons divided by subjects
  • Concise Encyclopedia
  • Preparation for tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, SAT)
  • English irregular verbs
  • English verb conjugation
  • English noun and adjective inflection
  • English synonyms and antonyms
  • Introduction to English gram mar
  • Introduction to English Tenses

Depending on a language version, you can also learn other languages such as German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.

Professional Dictionaries

Trano T-22 contains professional dictionaries with broad definitions, collocations, idioms, examples and popular expressions. Each language version has its own sets of dictionaries. Most of them contains the following titles:

Bilingual dictionaries

  • The Comet Dictionaries
  • The Oxford Dictionaries

Monolingual dictionaries

  • The New Oxford American Dictionary
  • The English Medical Dictionary
  • The Internet Slang Dictionary
  • The English Book of Drugs
  • The Drug Book for Cancer


  • User's dictionary (you can add your own words)
  • You can extend the list of available dictionaries by purchasing add-on cards with other languages


  • Accurate translation of full sentences
  • Professional dictionaries
  • Excellent pronunciation
  • A lot of additional functions particularly useful for learning languages
  • Large and clear backlit display
  • The possibility of purchasing add-on cards with additional languages

Additional functions

  • Calculator
  • Currency converter
  • Unit converter
  • Time converter
  • Voice recorder
  • MP3 player
  • MP4 player
  • Photo album
  • Paint (an application for drawing and painting)
  • Language games
  • E-Book reader
  • Formulas: mathematics, physics, chemistry
  • History of looked-up words
  • Teach-yourself applications
  • Zoom/Enlarge function

Technical details

  • Colour touchscreen LCD 4.5”
  • Power source: Lithium battery 3.7V
  • Mini USB (for charging and connecting with a PC)
  • Size: 140 x 89 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 213 g

Our opinion

Trano T-22 is one of the best electronic dictionaries available on the market and definitely the most state-of-the-art one. It is not only a dictionary but also a multi-task device useful for learning and working with English. Fast lookup, full sentence translation, vast dictionaries and customisability are its major advantages. There are many reasons why Trano T-22 is our top selling electronic dictionary. Highly RECOMMENDED!

Trano T22 set

The kit includes

  • Trano T-22 electronic dictionary
  • Rechargable lithium battery 3.7V
  • Charger
  • Stylus
  • Earphones
  • USB cable
  • User manual in English
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